Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My 'rezeki', your 'rezeki' and our 'rezeki' - Allah Maha Adil,sayang :)

Dear awesome sahabat,
I gonna miss you guys today.. hahaha...
Say "Alhamdullilah" because Allah gave us opportunities to woke up today :)
Dear awesome and adorable friend,
The gift that Allah gave to me is my 'rezeki'
Today, the 'rezeki' is mine.
Tomorrow can be yours,
Next can become our 'rezeki' 
Allah gives us 'rezeki' 
our 'rezeki' Allah gives in the right time, 
Not too fast,not too late..
I believe the word "You get,what you give"
For the first, I didn't like it..
My sahabat said to me " Allah make something happens with wisdom,believe it".
I left my parents,I left my semester break when other students was in the homeland, I left my friend ceremony and my mum cooking while the other students don't
The day when I entered the program, 
I was in KL about 3 months without looking my parents,my family faces.
I sacrified my holiday 7 days,
I turned up my classes from 8.00 a.m 5.30 p.m every day.
*sometimes until 6.40 p.m.
I had to did public speaking in crowd
And important things,
I had to wake up early morning during my holiday and wear the casual clothes.. :) hahahaha
I also had to attended 2 days of skill classes during my busy weekend..
I'm also having a feeling that I don't have qualify to get this.. 
I'm not a dean students, 
Who don't have excellence result..
but i Believe "Allah make something with wisdom"
I take this as Allah gift,
It can be a test to me..
I wear this hijab less than 3 years..
Allah send me to the place that we all know it's can be tester for my istiqamah..
Today it's mine,
Tomorrow can be yours,
Next can be our 'rezeki'..
Believe me..
Pray for me :)
Change our niat "lillahi Taala"
Salam sayang,
#please pray for syria#

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