Monday, 9 December 2013

Korea post 1#

While walking on the street alone. In the lift. Buying groceries. Hang out. A few people like yelling and look at me; strange way like they saying using the eyes "What the hell of this?". While in the lift or somewhere. A few girls look at me and laughing and act like they're going to cover their face. I just smile and saying to my heart that they'e taking care about you. 
It's my new experience.  Thank you for taking care of me.
I'm not ashamed to wear like this but I'm proud. Honestly, I'm proud. Because there no man or men dare to call me and look at me. And some of them show their respect to me. Give me the way when in busy day. Especially in the bus. And they will bow their head and others smile and say hello. Ashamed with my face or body? Totally false. I'm proud of this kind. Because behind this cover, I know that God create my in perfect way. I have nose,I have mouth, and I have everything as a human. And the most important, I have a natural beauty not a fake beauty. 

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