Monday, 9 December 2013

Pray in Islam.

5 times per day. 
Many people asking me about this 5 times. Yes, as a Muslim we need to pray 5 times per day. It's compulsory in Muslim life. 
What's the kind of 5 times?
It's Fajr(Subuh), Dhuhr(Zuhur),Asr(Asar),Maghrib(Maghrib) and Isya(Isyak)
Where do you perform the Solat? Need to go to mosque and perform the solat?
We can perform the solat everywhere not only in mosque.  As long as the place and our cloth was clean.
Is there any preparation before you perform solat?
Yes,we have a preparation before perform solat. We need to perform our ritual ablution. Using water to smooth our hand, our ear,our face and etc. (yes,you can google it! . hehe). And then make sure our place and our cloth was clean and covering our aurah. Stand in the right way (our kiblat) and perform perform solat easily.
Stand in right way?
Stand in the right means that our body facing the kiblat. Many people ask me about this. It's the direction of the Kaabah (makkah). And the direction use by all the muslim while perform the solat. It's like the unity of Muslim under Allah laws (muslim God and beliefs).
I saw your mouth was moving when you perform solat. You read something? 
Yes,we read surah or chapter from our Holy Books,Al-Quran. Al-Fateeha/ Al Fatihah. If you wanna hear,search in you tube with the English translation.
It's compulsory and you need to perform it even you're sick,accident or something that you can't perform your solat?. 
Yes,it's compulsory. But, in the way that you can. If you can't stand,you can perform it into sitting position. If you can't sit, you can perform it in lay down. If you can moving(paralyzed or something),you can perform it using the signal(eye). . Islam is the simplest religion.

You wanna watch how we perform our solat?

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