Friday, 22 November 2013

Hard expriences as a "muslimah", "hijabers" and "niqabis" in South Korea.

{In the name of Allah}
Good day guys! I know, you miss me a lot!.
 Yesterday, we went to Gwangju International Center (GIC) for breakout "Town Hall". *Don't know about this "Town Hall" and one of my friends said it's the USA words. Because he's from US. Even his face like Asian (simple sentences : He's philippines but stay in US.) InsyaAllah, I will do some research about this "Town Hall" and perhaps can give you some information!. #next post ok!

In the "town hall"event. *I more consider it as a group discussion and interactive. Haha. Never mind!.
We discussed about the hard experiences throughout this journey. (from our home country to Korea esp Gwangju). 

Before this, I didn't mention about our hard experiences in my blog as a muslim's women here. Let's begin!

From my own, there's some experiences that I'll never forget. Never!. Honestly, being a muslimah (muslim's women) here was very hard. As we all know, Islam society here is in small and low rate.
If you noticed, I wrote about the food in the previous post. It's hard to us as a muslim get "Halal" food. T___T. 

I'm a niqabis. Wearing a face cover. And I'm the only one here wearing niqab here. Haha. Membebel banyak pulak aku yer. Ok!
One day, UM students went to market. Buying groceries for our international day festival. Someone trying to open my niqab. *not really trying to open but it's like pulling down my niqab even not strong. 
And the ahjumma keep talking to each other in hangul (korean language) like in anger situation. I don't know either she's keep talking about me or others things. But,as a new niqabis, of course I'm shocked and a little bit having a feeling like they're not respect me. Honestly, I don't blame them 100 percent about this kind of problems because they were zero and don't know anything about my religion. But, I blame them because they're not respect me as visitors. They don't have the right to behave like that. If you see somebody who are differently paste from you, you don't the right to touch and do something that doesn't make sense!. I wrote this because I know many people will read this and take it as lesson for do not do like that to the others people. :)

My second hard experience *i declare it as problem for me* haha! 
I'm not offending the Korean and China girl. But, I have to say the truth. And like I said before, I hope we will take it as a lesson :)
I'm wearing like this because this is my way to practice my religion and it's my responsibility to obey Allah as my God. :)
Even, wearing a niqab was not compulsory in Islam. And I choose to wear like this :)
I'm not blaming the girls because I know they were less about my religion, but as a human and students who know how to respect the others feeling and way, you need to do it!. 
I'm in lift and I'm the only one wearing a hijab. They keep talking each other and laughing and act like want to wearing a veil. For me, It's bad behavior and we need to change it! Why you behave like that? Because you're wearing a short skirt and pants even in cold?. You have the right to ask me question, but you don't have the right make fun of my religion. ^_^ . 
From this situation that I think very worst, I learn the quote "I'm proud to wear like this". I confident of my self and my beauty. Many people give a respect as a "women". European, Korean, Eastern. They give me a honor as a women. And to those girls I wanna say thank you because you give some awareness that I don't have to care about other people say and start saying to myself "How long I'm gonna be a slave to other judgement?". Until I die, I have to be a slave to other people object and subject?. Of course no!.
I'm so grateful to have many friend here that give the strength. I'm not saying the all the korean and China girl like the "girls in the lift". Truthly, I have many korean and China people that having a precious time with me. And I'm gonna miss them. T___T
My third experience as muslim's women here is we need to take off our hijab for alien card. And it's the problem with this university administration. We're the minority here. We're fighting for the next muslim's women. InsyaAllah,please pray for us. Many people think our hijab was East culture but actually totally not! It's for our religion!. It's compulsory for us to wearing the hijab. And so sadly, because one my frienda who sent the picture without hijab  a little bit late from us. *We need to send it on Thursday, but she send it on friday* The alien card that she received wearing a hijab! And it's like discrimination to us as a minority students here. And I hope the student who will further study here, please against it! Because it's already proven, it's not the problem with the immigration but the administration. I wrote this not because I'm trying to tell everyone that this university was worst. Totally no! They treat and care us much better than Malaysia. Honestly, i respect them. The system tiptop! The information tiptop! The activity tiptop!. And I don't want this situation became a problem because sensitivity of human  :)


And lastly, the experience that one of my friend faced. They when to backgate (humun) university. It's market and have many shoppes. Suddenly,one of ahjussi (uncle) open the pin that one of my friend wearing. And said "it's hot". 
And i don't how's the ending.

This experience that we face as a muslimah,as a hijabers, as a niqabis actually a present from Allah. Allah give us the strength through this situation to be a better muslimah for ummah and society. And alhamdullilah, until now, we can survive as a muslim's women even hard and difficult. 
And special thanks to all friends that give us the moral support to us.
And I have to admit it! I will miss you guys!
And to Jeremy Azurin, thanks for the awesome "town hall" and give us the space to tell our problems here! And to GIC thank you to invite us!

Regards of Love:
Nabilah si kecil.


  1. Assalamualaikum, sy nk tny jdi prmpuan yg pakai niqab yg bljr di korea kna bka niqab bla msuk kwsn uni tu ke?

    1. wassalam, klu kt tempat saya tidak perlu.

  2. Salam alaiyk, saya akan ke korea untuk berjalan2, adakah msayarakt sana menerima niqabis memakai niqab ? Worry.

    1. Salam alaik. Setakat yang saya pakai di kawasan Seoul, alhamdullilah la. Tapi, masa pemeriksaan keselamatan, kita kena buka niqab. :) Kalau ada netizen yang tengok pelik tu, biasalah. Don't worry. Enjoy your trip. May Allah bless you :)

  3. Hello. Do you study in Korea or are you just in for a visit? :)

    1. Hi! Yes. Studied in Korea for my exchange student delegation. Half of year.

  4. Hi... Assalamualaikum akak.
    Saya elya, 20. Boleh saya dpt kan medium spt ig atau fb utk saya berhubung dgn akak ? InsyaAllah by next year saya akn ke korea utk smbng belajar, dan skrng Alhamdulillah sudah genap setahun saya pakai niqab. Sekarang saya risau, krn saya akn belajar di sana selama 4 tahun lebih. Kawan saya di 고려대 ada ckp yg sebaiknya bukak, tetapi perasan utk buka tu, Ya Allah berat hati sngt. Namun demikian, kwn2 korean yg lain ada ckp, xpe cuba dulu, pakai dulu tgk mcm mana nnt. Saya benar2 risau. Hrp dpt berhubung dan dpt nasihat drpd akak. Wassalam alaik akak !

    1. wASSALAM. Maaf,saya dah lama tak on blog. boleh berhubung dengan saya kat fb siti nabilah (nabilahsikecil) ataupun kat instagram nabilahsikecil. insyaAllah, tiada apa-apa. terpulang kepada pihak pentadbiran universiti. Kalau dulu, universiti saya tiada masalah. Kalau nanti, dia tak benarkan pakai semasa kuliah, awak buka di kampus dan pakai macam biasa kat luar. Sebab kalau kat luar, ramai sahaja korean muslim yang berniqab. Dont worry.