Sunday, 20 December 2015

When someone put a tons of effort. But, I am philophobia.

I don't know why I want to write this issue. Just randomly act while cooking. Kah!
It just for nothing more than just a story. I don't know why he put a tons of effort towards. Either it is just an 'effort' or he have another story to make it up. Sigh. 

I keep repeating myself with this; every moment. I am philophobia; fear of falling in love. Or in terms of emotional attachment. Seems like I don't secure to any commitment by this day. Indeed, I'm strongly believe it can be bad side. But, I need a space to reflect myself.

I had my bad past. I moved on by that side. But, in having any attachment is not easy. Difficulties before I stand up with myself today is not easy. Through this, I should be confront by making statement 'big no'. Please don't put any effort for me.

I'm rather for being a single, independent and stood up in my singlehood. I don't what will happen for the tomorrow and the future. But, I wanna tell you something. We have Allah. Right? Pray to Him. If I meant for you, then I meant. If not, Allah know who will stand next to you.

Remember, Allah know what is the for us.

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