Thursday, 10 September 2015

Obsession and books.

Today is the last day for the first week of new semester. Not too busy because it is not in a week of disaster... Not yet. Maybe 4 or 3 weeks coming. Kahkahkah. Just be relax and do anything you want to do to make your leisure time become awesome! 

I've bought 3 books within 5 days! And, it costs RM100 plus. Maigad. What I'm gonna do with this books?. Just read half of it and leave it. Continuing take one another books.And, read it by half.  This is so peliksss. Actually, I gotta admit. I'm actually having an obsession towards books. Don't you dare to gimme an invitation "Nabilah, should we go to MpH?". It is a big disaster to me :'( . Oh, please. I have too many books ( about ten) which I didn't read yet.  Just for my nafsu. Hopefully, I'll finish it before graduation day. Hahahahaha.

Today, I bought 2 books. Yesterday, i bought one. Last week, two. Kbai. 

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