Thursday, 17 September 2015

Perempuan, jangan menunduk.

Kinda peliks of entry. Seriously dude! I don't know how create that title. Hahaha. 

Women and girls,
Phrase 'perigi mencari timba' it is wrong at all. Nothing wrong on it. If you like him, you want him to be your spouse, then tell him. No worries about being 'rejected'. Normal. Even, I'm not doing it by myself. In behalf of myself, it is really good rather than you have to face him with questionmark! Ting! 

Different people and different view. 

Few steps when you like 'somebody';

1. Tell Him. Tell Allah and ask for His guidance with your 'somebody'. He knows the best for his servant. It is the most important things than others. Allah is number one.

2. Ask forgiveness of our sins. We did to many sins every single day. Ask Allah for His forgiveness. Allah al-Ghaffur. He will continuously forgiving ( Al-Ghaffar). InsyaAllah, our heart will be more calm. Do your tahajjud. The good time for us to pray. 1/3 night while others is sleeping. Istigfar for every minute. It is free! Astagfirullah hal 'azim (O Allah, please forgive us)

3. Do more in 'additional value' such as Dhuha. 

4. Istikharah.

5. Istisyarah. Ask people. Meet and ask people about 'somebody'.

6. Trust Him. Allah will make your way easier. InsyaAllah and barakallahuma. 


Just wait for the right time of our 'mr'! 
Don't worry sister. 
If Allah wills, he will be your mr. 

Just pray!

p/s: Aku menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba. Hahahahaha. 

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